Lieutenant Jerry Mayhew

corrupt police lieutenant


Name : Lieutenant Jerry Mayhew
High Concept: Fomor paid Police Chef of District 7
Trouble: In too deep
Aspects: Family matters; Easy before Right, To Protect and Serve myself

Jerry Mayhew has always been corrupt, which is how he got into his position in the first place. Most of the important jobs are filled by his family and friends and he likes to send out other people to do his dirty work. He was the perfect target for the Fomor to persuade to join them in exchange for power. He’s pushed his people to get upgrades by the Fomor and in return he rounds up people of the supernatural community under bogus charges for them to never be seen. When it comes to actual police work, he sends other people and the transfer rate in his precinct is the highest in the state. Yet, since there are no Fomor hostilities in his area, he is paraded as the best lieutenant in the department and was honored by the major himself.


Lieutenant Jerry Mayhew

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