Scott Bjornson

Were-bear Homicide Detective


Scott Bjornson
High Concept: Were-bear Murder Cop
Trouble: Secret Identities are a Bitch
Aspects: Warrior Born, Black Sheep of the Clan of the Bear, Nose for the Truth, The Badge Opens Doors, The Right to Bear Arms

In human form, Scott’s a tall, broad guy. The phrase “built like a tank” comes to mind. He’s somewhere around 6’3" and 210lbs., with broad shoulders and a wide frame. His Norse heritage is as obvious as can be, with relatively pale skin and bright blonde hair. He normally wears his hair long, just brushing his shoulders, and he keeps a neatly trimmed full beard and mustache. Yes, he looks more than a bit like Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and no, he doesn’t want to hear that joke for the hundredth time. In Bear Form, he’s the biggest brown bear you ever did see, with a height of 4ft (slightly above average) and a weight of close to 700lbs.

-—Beast Senses: Smell
-—Beast Trapping: Track by scent
HUMAN FORM 1] affecting:
-—————The Catch is Oil from the Cayenne Pepper [

SKILLS (Human Form)
Superb: Empathy, Weapons
Great: Intimidation, Investigation
Good: Endurance, Might, Presence
Fair: Alertness, Athletics, Fists
Average: Contacts, Guns, Scholarship, Rapport, Stealth

Human Form
Physical: OOOO
Mental: OO
Social: OOOO

SKILLS (Bear Form)
Superb: Endurance, Fists
Great: Intimidation, Might
Good: Alertness, Athletics, Presence
Fair: Empathy, Investigation, Stealth
Average: Contacts, Guns, Rapport, Scholarship, Weapons

Bear Form
Physical: OOOOOO, +1 Mild
-—-Armor: 1 against all physical stress
Mental: OO
Social: OOOO


Read You Like A Book: Add 2 to Empathy when using it to read people.
Subtle Menace: When context of power is absent or opponent is in superior position, does not get advantage bonus.
Pin the Tail: +2 to keep track of a target during Surveillance, Investigation can complement Stealth for Shadowing.
Wall of Death: Can make melee spray attacks with Weapons, as long as targets are within same zone.

BATTLE-AXE: Single-headed, Weapon: 2 battle-axe, kept concealed in gym bag
SIG SAUER P226 DAK (Double Action Kellerman): Semi-automatic, chambered for .357, Weapon: 2 pistol, standard issue for Providence PD


The Lycanthropes weren’t the only berserkers. The originators of the word, in fact, focused on bears, rather than wolves, and they didn’t just take a spirit into themselves, they became bears. For a long time, the shamanic warrior clans were Odin’s men, but though family history has forgotten the details of why, the clan of the bear fell out of favor with their god. Aimless and abandoned, they became a clan of warriors for hire, renowned for their devastating prowess on the battlefield. In the modern age, they have become a “private security firm” catering almost exclusively to the supernatural set. Scott was born and raised in this warrior culture. Aspect: WARRIOR BORN

Scott wasn’t like most of his family, though. Growing up, he always felt that the life of a mercenary wasn’t good enough for him. He longed for a life that [i]meant[/i] something, something more than just cashing some monster’s check and fighting who they told him to fight. Tensions rose as Scott grew into adulthood, culminating in a huge knock-down drag-out fistfight between Scott and his father when Scott told him he’d enrolled in the police academy. Despite the anger and disdain it earned him among the family, Scott refused to resign from the academy, and was exiled from his clan and disowned by his family as a result. Aspect: BLACK SHEEP OF THE CLAN OF THE BEAR

Scott Bjornson, homicide detective and secret were-bear, has just caught another weird one. A rash of strange accidents has broken out among the well-to-do in Providence, and no one can figure out why. Even more ghoulish, they all died with the same strange grin frozen on their faces. At first, it’s all about appeasing the wealthy families, making a show of investigating obvious accidents…that is, until Scott sniffs out a connection: A prestigious “life coach” that couldn’t quite hack the schooling to become a real therapist. Scott smells trouble and goes digging, but when it turns out he’s dealing with a deranged psychomancer bent on making everyone manically happy, he might have bitten off more than he can chew… Aspect: NOSE FOR THE TRUTH

Kids have been going missing all along Holberton Lane. Scott senses trouble of the less than mundane variety and starts sniffing around. While most might have assumed the ghoul poking around was responsible, something didn’t sit right with Scott about that. Instead, he ended up teaming up with Al and an ex-marine named Jesse to discover something weirder than even they might have imagined. In hindsight, Scott’s badge getting them in the door might not have been so lucky after all… Aspect: THE BADGE OPENS DOORS

Protect and serve is the tenet Detective Scott Bjornson’s built his life around since being exiled from his family. So when Jesse calls him and says “Skavis” and “dead kids” in the same sentence, Scott decides to remind the despair-eater that in Providence, the law doesn’t just have a long arm, it’s got teeth and claws and rage to spare! Aspect: THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS

Scott Bjornson

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