Vincenzo Vibbena

White Court Vampire


Name: Vincenzo Vibenna
High Concept: A New Lord of House Malvora
Trouble: I Can Never Catch a Break
Other Aspects:
A Family of Fearmongers
Always the Lesser Evil
Defender of Providence
A Hand in Every Jar
The Old House on the Hill

+5 - Intimidation, Resources
+4 - Empathy, Presence
+3 - Alertness, Conviction, Discipline
+2 - Athletics, Contacts, Deceit
+1 - Endurance, Lore, Might, Scholarship, Weapons

Emotional Vampire [-1]
Incite Lasting Potent Emotion at Range [-4]
Human Guise 0]
Feeding Dependency [
Inhuman Strength [-2]
Supernatural Speed [-2]
Inhuman Recovery [-2]
The Catch (True Courage) [+2]

Reliant Upon Reputation - Vincenzo relies upon people knowing who his family are to negotiate effectively. When you would roll Rapport for Social Defence against someone who knows who you are, roll Presence instead.
Charisma can get you Anywhere - Vincenzo is not the kind of person to coerce or debate his points with others. He prefers to simply overwhelm them with force of personality. When you would roll Rapport for the Chit-Chat trapping, roll Presence instead.


A New Lord of House Malvora: Vincenzo came to hold his seat shortly after the coup attempt in the Raith Deeps.
Invoke: Mostly for the resources of the House.
Compel: Being the ostensible ruler of a House of White Court Vampires is not something for the faint of heart.

I Can Never Catch a Break: Becoming a Lord of House Malvora was never going to be easy, but in these troubled times it’s even harder.
Invoke: For when he has to just keep going.
Compel: All sorts of things.

Family of Fearmongers: Vincenzo’s twin sisters are among the more refined monsters of the House, but monsters they are. Especially after our father died.
Invoke: Reputation is both a weapon and a shield.
Compel: That can cut both ways.

Always the Lesser Evil: Being a White Court Vampire is like walking a tightrope between being strong enough to frighten off competitors and weak enough to not be too much of a threat. Vincenzo has taken this approach to heart; treat the kine well enough that they will go to you for protection and they will be more supportive when you require their aid.
Invoke: For when I need to be a douche and get away with it.
Compel: For when being a douche catches up with me.

A Hand in Every Jar: Being the would be ruler of the supernatural in Providence and the surrounding region means being well aware of who and what the major players are. Vincenzo sees it as merely good business to keep an eye on the kine and to give the occasional bit of assistance when needed.
Invoke: Having contacts all over the place.
Compel: Threats from unexpected directions are super effective.

The Old House on the Hill: The seat of House Malvora in Rhode Island, filled with vampires, thralls and more than a few rare piece of exquisite artwork.
Invoke: A defensible location can be useful.
Compel: It’s also something of a target.

Vincenzo Vibbena

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