Anders Bjornson

Hardass Were-bear Mercenary


Anders Bjornson
High Concept: Hardass Were-bear Mercenary
Trouble: Volcanic Temper
Other Aspects: Blood is Thicker…, My Way or the Highway, My Son, the Exile, Scary SOB, Takes A Licking And Keeps On Kicking Your Ass

-Beast Senses: Smell
-Beast Trapping: Track by scent
HUMAN FORM affecting:
-——The Catch is Oil from the Cayenne Pepper [+2]


Anders Bjornson is one of those old men that haven’t lost much of their potency in their old age. His body is littered with scars from fights he’s had in human form before he figured out the trick of healing it up. His skin is tanned and leathery, almost tough enough to be armor in itself. He’s almost always scowling at someone or something, and rarely smiles. He’s usually decked out all in biker’s leathers, armor, or some combination of the two. He’s the sort of guy that even the classical Hell’s Angels would cross the street to avoid if they saw him coming. Still big and imposing, he has a personality to match. He gives the orders, expects to be obeyed, and does not take disobedience lightly. To him, loyalty to the family is everything, and he has no tolerance for anyone that he sees as being disloyal or abandoning their familiar obligations. He’s extremely intimidating, both because of his force of personality and because anyone that deals with him comes away with the sense that he’ll carry out his threats and more if he needs to.

His bear form is MASSIVE. He’s just over 5 feet tall and weighs in at an even ton. In this form he’s practically all rippling muscle, fur, and battle scars. His outer guard fur has begun to take on a gray-ish silvery color with age.

Anders is also Scott’s dad. The two haven’t spoken since Scott was exiled. Anders does love his son, in his own messed up, fanatically authoritarian way, but feels betrayed and disrespected by Scott’s insistence on becoming a cop, which Anders views as abandoning the family. He’s the one that exiled Scott, and has been the driving force behind keeping him that way.

Anders Bjornson

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